Friday, March 2, 2012


Things have been really crazy around here lately.  With me working nights, Brady working a lot and helping with Scouts, the boys sick on and off and getting things around to build a house (more on that later) we have tried to squeeze in as much play time as possible.

Brady and Cooper being monkey's (like the one's on Coop's jammies)
 we like to read...especially with "Cooper Bear"
 and these two together are a pretty fun pair! Here they are in cute shirts from Grandpa and Grandma T.   They are laughing/smiling at Dad behind me :)

And speaking of Dad - I need to brag about him a little.  He's pretty amazing (Brady that is).  Since I've started working night shift my sleeping schedule has been out of sorts.  I've been sick too and that doesn't help.  Brady has been Mr. Mom for the last few weeks and helps out a TON.  And I actually mean does pretty much everything while I try and gain strength and energy to even make it off the couch (okay I'll give myself a little credit...I'm not that lazy - just tired).  But really, if it wasn't for him our home would be chaos.  And we all love him for it!!  Crew has really warmed up to his daddy and Cooper's adoration for him strengthens daily.  And he's not just amazing for us.  He's a great friend to others.  Especially the little boys in Scouts who LOVE him!! Just the other day we had an 8 year old ask him over to play video we went! Brady played a video game for the entire 3 hours we were there.  And he's gone to a few of the boys football/basketball games to cheer them on.  So all in all Brady is a wonderful person and a great example for our boys.  He supports our family, is kind/loving to me and is a great friend to everyone.  I am super blessed to be his wife!!

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