Friday, March 2, 2012


On Cooper's first birthday, Great Grandpa Ellis gave Cooper this stuffed dog.  It looks like a cocker spaniel and it had red bows at each ear.  At the time, Cooper was not interested in stuffed animals.  But as time went on he grew to love this animal.  We cut the red bows off and gave him a name - Dog.

Dog has really been through it all.

He's gone "bye bye"
 he's had a photo shoot
 he is loved by a 2 year old
 has had meals with the family
 has a best friend named "ooh ooh"
 is squeezed as tight as possible
 has even played cars!
He's also had a diaper on, a diaper change, attempt at a bath, rode on a car, rocked to sleep and tucked in to bed almost every night.  He even takes a random nap on occasion!

That Dog sure is special!!

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