Thursday, March 8, 2012


A friend posted this article today and I thought it summed up how I've been feeling lately about being a parent.

My favorite part is this:

My day-to-day routine isn't what I envisioned it would be four years ago. Some of the things I imagine I'm judged on now are minor, others, a little more major. But mostly they are simple faults and I now know that they don't make me a bad parent. Sometimes I leave dirty diapers on the changing table. My children's socks don't always match. I forget to brush my daughter's hair. I use TV as a way to take a breather. I utilize the fast-food drive-thru. I bribe. I'm sometimes too easy. I'm sometimes too hard. I sometimes make the wrong decision, give the wrong punishment, ask too much, ask too little. But within all these minor and major faults is a singular truth: Most days, I'm doing the best I can. And I honestly believe that's a truth that can be applied to most parents: Most days, we're all doing the best we can.

Being a parent is hard work.  It is especially hard not to judge parents without having the experience as one (and even then it's still hard not to judge in some circumstances).  But I try.  We try.  Brady and I.  We are a team.  We both realize our days are much better and smoother when we have each other.
{here I am with no make up, hair not done and exhausted...BUT there's a happy boy!!}



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Trace-n-the-Grace said...

Parenting is hard work! Nice post.

Janelle Fey said...

Love your blog. I clicked the next blog button each day to see who pops up...or actually when I have time I try. I agree with doing the best we moms we can be such critics of ourselves.

Feel free to stop by my blog if you have time.


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