Monday, April 30, 2012

House Update

Our new house is coming along so fast! This weekend we drove by to take a look and they were putting the roof on! We also have siding that is up and looks like it's ready to be painted! The cement in the garage is down and all the electrical work looks like it's moving along great! The fireplace is in and the inside is swept and cleaned out.

We are really excited to see it move right along. We are getting more and more anxious and giddy about having a new home! We are excited for the kids to have more space and to have a playroom to keep all their toys!! I'm also excited for a bigger kitchen where I can store all our kitchen stuff that's boxed up. My Aunts and Uncles bought us our kitchen set that we wanted when we were married and they are ALL still boxed up because we have no place to put them!! We are going to get rid of our "old" stuff and pull out EVERYTHING from their boxes!! I am SUPER excited and can't wait to have people over!

Brady is super excited about having the 3rd garage. We have a list of things going that he gets to make:

- step stool for the kids and one for me to reach the top of our 9 foot pantry!
- a play table for the kids' playroom. Coloring and doing crafts on our brand new (expensive) table is a little scary with a child that would rather color on the table than on the paper.
- a time out stool/chair. Cooper likes to roll around and play while he's in time out. I think a special spot will make it easier and more effective...I hope.
- side tables for the couches that I found on Pinterest!! yes!
- headboards for the boys' beds.
- cubbies/shoe rack/bench/coat rack for the garage
- a beautiful hutch - some day! The hutch is not as important yet because I can see Cooper climbing on it and knocking it down on top of him and Crew. It's a nightmare I can see happening.

Oh man that's a lot! and there is always something else that goes through my head that I want! And he's so excited to have the space to do this all in :)

{I don't have pictures on the computer because I haven't taken the time to make space to upload them...I wonder where all my time is spent??}

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