Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reactive Airway Disease...

AKA Asthma.

Crew has it.  Bummer.

He's been wheezing since January and I immediately thought it was RSV.  He had the runny nose, watery eyes, fever.  But he tested negative so he was given an inhaler to try and it didn't work.  That was strike one.  Then he continued to wheeze (never getting any better) so I took him in again and they gave him a breathing treatment.  Didn't work so they gave him one with a steroid in it...that helped.  Strike 2. We then were given prednisone medication to help with the swelling in his airways to see what happened.  The wheezing stopped!! yay...but came back two days later.  Strike 3.  The doctor's say 3 strikes and they diagnose with asthma...especially since the last two strikes he was not sick.  So we are now on another dose of Prednisone and will have another appointment this week to get the entire lecture on asthma.

There are two ways to have wheezing.  One way is with irritated airways that are swollen so much they cause the wheezing or with spasms in the muscle lining.  The prednisone is to help with the swelling and then the inhalers help with the spasms.  We will see how this goes!

I am VERY confident in our doctor's that we've taken Crew to.  I work with them and have sat in several asthma demonstrations and even one physician educating a newly diagnosed pediatric patient.  These men know what they're talking about and I am extremely confident in them.  Our "favorite" doc is even a new Bishop!

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Kevin ♥ Maryann ZELLER said...

oh Kels I feel for you, Alisha had is to and Ronnie has it terrible. Alisha has "outgrown" it and now its called sports induced so she only needs it when shes really running hard or something like that. Its tough but with the right inhaler it will all work out. Ronnie has it so bad that if he even starts playing hard he knows he has to stop and find his inhaler, he knows then to take a break. Crew is a tough little guy as proven going to slow him down a little but no big issues Im sure. Love all the pictures and boy are they getting big!