Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Time

Between the chaos and crazy work schedules we have managed to have some fun!

Cooper likes to cuddle.  Especially when he's tired!  We enjoy every minute that he wants to cuddle with us.
 He's also trying to do everything Brady and I do.  When we're getting ready he will play with an old electric razor of Brady's and pretend to shave.  He will ask for me to put make up on him and he always wants to brush his teeth at the same time.  This day he joined in and worked out with Dad.
 The two boys continue to enjoy each others company and REALLY are starting to enjoy doing things together.  This day was very nice (still cold enough to need a hat) and we went for a walk around the block 2 1/2 times!
 The sun was hurting Cooper's eyes and he kept saying "EYES!" haha
 Crew is growing so fast and getting stronger every day!  He loves to jump and recently discovered the ability to roll around the entire room!  He gets super excited when we help him to his knees in the crawling position.  Crawling is still far away for this little man though.
 He LOVES to be outside too.  He's our "Mr. Adorable" blowing bubbles
 We have a little play set with a few soccer fields near our home and we like to go there.  It's nice because it's FAR from the road and Cooper can run anywhere.  Here is Cooper being a big boy and going down the slide all by himself.
 He wanted to be like Daddy and wear it backwards :)
 Waving hi or bye to the airplane...I can't remember.  REALLY cute though!
 And of course a picture that reminds me of Brady.  He truly is a little mini of Brady!!  It's amazing the things Cooper does that is EXACTLY something Brady does.  Oh and Cooper is definitely a little lefty!  It's been interesting to watch him finally figure out what side is dominant!  He still tries to do things with his right hand like eating and writing but he's much stronger and coordinated with his left.  And he almost always kicks with his left foot first and climbs up steps with his left foot.  Interesting huh?

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Kevin ♥ Maryann ZELLER said...

you two are terrific parents, its amazing how far you have come! Both of you with school and just seeing the pictures of the boys, great job. I know it kills Kevin not to know them better and be closer to them he would have so much fun with them. He's always wanted a boy, we went as far as talking about IVF {still throwing it around} were still young enough but then again we have all the nieces & nephews and someday grandchildren, a couple that call me that now from Alex's girlfriends side. So as much fun as it would be were not quite sure we want to jump back into diapers lol. Any word on when you will be coming home for a visit? We are going out to Utah to see friends this summer, not far from you maybe we could take a day to spend with you guys if your willing. Hope everything gets better and talk to you soon