Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Time!

This weekend was our niece's baby blessing! She's 2 months old and so adorable! Tara, Derek, and Eva came up to spend this special event with her. Here are a few pictures from this weekend-unfortunately I didn't get one single picture of Tara's belly or Eva...but maybe next time.

The DePew's
I caught one of the smiles she gives me
Just thought I'd throw in my 21 week picture. If you're looking for an update on our little family-check out the blog! Click on the picture that's in the right margin.
The blessing was perfect and Phoebe looked beautiful! Kayla made her blessing dress and did such a wonderful job. It's so much fun getting Brady's family together. It doesn't happen very often but when it does we always seem to have a blast! I love seeing our niece's and nephews grow up and I am so excited to have more to come! Our next nephew to come is baby boy Bleazard in November!


Robison Family said...

You look so adorable I can't get over it. Tell Kayla congrats for us.

Tara said...

You took that picture of Phoebe at the perfect moment! She looks really cute and so do you by the way!