Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been such a grump lately! I haven't wanted to do anything related to school work at all and all I want to do is sit in my PJ's and do nothing. Of course I talked to Brady about how I have been feeling and we thought that I should do something fun for myself. And we couldn't think of anything since this whole last year has consisted of me working ridiculously hard to get straight A's in the nursing program. However, I do have this LOVE for crocheting and we thought that I should make our little guy a blanket. I haven't made anything in so long but I have enjoyed sitting in the same room with Brady and relaxing while I crochet my little heart out for our little guy :) It's simple but for a little boy, I think it needs to be. Here are some pictures of the blanket so far:

So aside from studying, crocheting, eating, and sleeping things have been pretty laid back in our home. The semester is halfway done and the cold weather has hit us pretty hard. We are not excited for the snow to come. The leaves have fallen and it seems like we completely missed the transition into fall :( I do not like fall here in Idaho-there are not enough trees to see the beauty of this time of year. Everything is just brown and looks dead. However, that does mean that our little guy will be here in a few months!

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger! I feel him moving just about all day long now-I'm starting to wonder if he ever sleeps. Some of my favorite foods have been anything with tomato sauce. Spaghetti, spaghetti O's, lasagna, tacos, tomato soup, beef stew...they all taste so delicious! But still no cravings so that's been great! We know we're going to name him Cooper-we just can't think of a middle name. Oh well, it'll come to us someday. 

Brady had one of his last soccer games for one (of three) teams the other night and it happened to be their first loss of the season. He still has two teams he's playing for and they will be ending shortly because of the cold weather this time of the year. I also must continue to brag about my husband! He got ANOTHER raise! And this may not be surprising to some of you but his first raise this year was a few months ago and with some company changes we didn't think that he was going to get one, but then they surprised us and rewarded him for his excellent work. And this one we didn't think he would get because he just had one a few months ago-but they still surprised us! Now, this job of his isn't anything spectacular but it gets us by until I graduate and we move on from Rexburg, Idaho. It has given him some great experiences and patience with other people. We are very grateful for his job and how well they have treated him. Keep up the good work huni!

Halloween is coming and that means my birthday is coming up as well. We don't have anything planned except for dinner with another couple. We plan on going to Olive Garden and then just hanging out afterwards. It should be a fun weekend-full of studying and little children in costumes!

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Landon&Shauna said...

The Blanket looks so good! Hope all is well!