Monday, October 5, 2009

October 2009

Well, things are still GREAT here in our home. School is pretty insane (and I am procrastinating by writing this post) but I have enjoyed what I have learned so far this semester. I am going full time - which in Nursing means about double time! This pregnancy makes attending class and getting homework done more difficult because of the exhaustion that won't go away. But Brady has been a wonderful husband and helps me just about every single night! Homework would not get done if it wasn't for him.

Our little girl is still active as ever and I am enjoying the little kicks and punches she gives me. She's starting to react to things pushing up against my belly - such as a school book or my laptop and of course my pants. For more updates on our little girl go to this LINK.

Brady has been super busy these past couple weeks. He is on 3 soccer teams (1 competitive and 2 intramural), still working full time, helping me with my homework (as noted above), and playing in the garage! He has been working very diligently on a headboard, footboard, night stands, dresser and will soon be working on baby items. Here are pictures of the newly finished dresser that he stained for us.
This is also our new headboard and footboard that he is still in the process of finishing.
I am so proud of Brady for making these things for our bedroom! It makes him so happy to finally have all the tools to accomplish something so great.


Robison Family said...

How awesome!!! I cannot wait for that little girl to come.

Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

Kelsey, I have been MIA for a bit but just saw your good news!!! I am soo excited for you guys! You guys really deserve this, I'm so happy for you both!