Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

The Easter bunny came!! He brought little Cooper a new blanket, video, CD with music to dance to, a new shirt for church, and the most favorite gift of all...a HUGE soccer ball!! (the ball was a gift for his birthday that we didn't get out until now).
everything is set
excited to see his new toys!
looking through his goodies
the Easter bunny new exactly what he liked!!
our little family on Easter morning
So a funny story. We have only been in our new ward for 3 weeks. Our first week there was wonderful. Our second week we were in Michigan for a funeral so our third week was Easter Sunday. We get to our church building to find it completely empty. We had NO IDEA what was going on. We assumed Stake Conference but didn't have anyone to call. Come to find out it WAS Stake Conference with President Uchtdorf speaking!! AHHH!! And we missed it! What a bummer! The center was probably packed and crazy but we sure would have liked to have gone. And I worked that evening so our Easter was pretty lame.

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Rudi said...

you miussed pres uchtdorf???? oh no!!! lol. what a bummer!