Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's happened again... shopping has become difficult!

Last night I made it through until the last 2 aisles before the gagging hit! Brady was with me and started laughing and said "oh no!" We needed hamburger meet and he was so sweet and said "I'll go get that" with a smile on his face! :) He thinks it's the silliest thing but is such a trooper.

Last night Brady put up childproof locks on our cupboards! Oh what a relief. Several times Cooper tried opening them and even threw a few tantrums when he wasn't successful. I find him pulling/leaning with all his weight to get them to open...and he's screaming the whole time! I can't help but giggle. There's one cupboard that is actually a lazy susan (sp?) that he found he can open. Thankfully, there is nothing that can break/hurt him. We have an ugly string tied on our entertainment center to keep him out of the electronics. I have a feeling someday he will break the doors/glass because he pulls on it with all his weight and starts to shake them vigorously. Hopefully that doesn't happen!

I love love love our little man!! Don't get me wrong. He's the greatest little boy in the whole world! He has loads of energy, happy (unless he's told no), eats great, and sleeps awesome! He brings so much joy to our's just one of those things I guess he'll go through. He's stubborn like me and wants things in a particular way. He wants things his way! But who doesn't? A funny example of this is with his "personal space". If someone is in the back seat with him...DO NOT put your arms or hands in his "space". He will kick, whine, and gets super frustrated. Even if it's just your arm on his car seat! haha

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Amanda Petersen said...

I love how the cute little personalities are starting to show...even the less desirable traits. I've caught Liam trying to figure out how to unlock the locked cupboards. He pulls them open as far as they go and then tries to play with the lock to get it open. I think he just might figure it out one day. I think this age is one of the most fun and one of the most aggravating. They're so independent which is great, but they think they can do whatever they want. You gotta love these one year olds!