Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We are struggling with Cooper getting into trouble. And he's ALWAYS wanting to get into things he's not supposed to. Examples: cupboards with breakables (I put all the toxins up high), oven, electronics, pushing the tv (climbing up on things to get to it), and MUCH more that are not dangerous to him. The boy has TONS AND TONS of toys and of course all he wants is to get into things that can hurt him. We tell him no, put him in time out (for like 2 min. in his crib), distract him, block it off, he'll even pinch his fingers in the doors and STILL want to get to it!! He actually got a hold of a glass measuring cup and it shattered. He was scared and screaming when it happened. Guess what? He STILL went into the cupboard after I cleaned everything up. I don't really like the idea of spanking but it's to the point that I give him a little tap on the bum and it still does nothing. He has a history of hitting so I really don't like that idea so it doesn't happen often. I do give him things from the cupboards that he can play with and those are all out for grabs...but he STILL is not satisfied. I am lost at what to do. He "listens" to Brady more than me. He doesn't even try to get into things when he's around and I "punish" him more than Brady. I'm going to purchase several parenting guide books because it's getting out of control!!

He's FINALLY growing out of the biting/pinching/hitting stage!! That was bad but this is just scary. I can't even leave the room for a second because he heads into something dangerous. I know he's only 1 but he should start to kind of understand he's not allowed into certain things...especially being told over and over and never allowed into it. AND another problem is he laughs at me. He'll smile and giggle. I don't laugh or giggle. I'm so frustrated so I have a straight face and a deep voice. UGH.

I'm up for ANY suggestions you might have.


Rudi said...

Read through some of these (or if you have time, read through her entire blog, I just love this woman):

It gets a little repetitive but this is the kind of parenting style I lean towards... remember he's just a year old and exploring is his job :) You guys are doing great with him! He's a happy and healthy little boy!

PECK said...

ugh I know how you feel! that is so tough! We just give Broden time outs in his room...and if its something really bad, just to scare him, i grab him by the arm with force and carry him meanly to his room...i know that sounds bad. but the other day he kept running into the street and did not understand that he cant do that, so I had to get really mean about it. I don't know what to do about the laughing when you're mad thing though...Broden has done that, but then i get madder, and then its not funny for him anymore. Let me know what you find out. also, the biting/pinching/hitting stage is soo not fun...i always wonder if thats just a boy thing you know?

Brady & Kelsey said...

It's so hard because it's not just "curiosity" anymore. He can get into basically everything except 3 main things: cupboards, electronic things (like dvd player/cable), and the toilet. He will go over to whatever and smile at me as he's reaching for whatever. It's like he knows he's not supposed to be doing that and is wanting a reaction. But if I don't give a reaction he still goes crazy with it. He wants nothing to do with the things he can get into and will throw himself on the floor and flop around if I even close a cupboard or block off a section to the kitchen. he's even climbing the gates/tubs and anything in the way JUST to get to the kitchen cupboards.

Charly Writer Girl said...

Though I'm not a parent, and therefore don't really have the experiance nor knowledge to be giving parenting advice, I still have a couple ideas. Have you tried those special baby locks? I know he is not a baby, but they may work. It may also be good if you have him other things to explore, so he doesn't feel the need for the more dangerous tings.

Sara said...

Kelsey, I feel for you, but it is just one of the stages he will go through. He wants to be independent and doesn't understand that he can't be. Mine and John's best advise is to get the magnetic cupboard locks, double up the height of the gates, and be consistent with the punishment. it's frustrating but soon they learn. Try a naughty spot that is not in his bedroom, that really seemed to work, kids don't like going to the naughty spot, and be sure to refer to it as the naughty spot (I got that from super nanay, she is amazing)