Friday, April 29, 2011

our little helper

Our little man LOVES to help with everything right now. His favorite: loading the dryer. I will put the wet clothes on the door so he can shove them in. I often find him putting the dirty laundry in with the clean/wet ones! This day I took the load from the dryer into the other room so I could fold them. I came back to find this:
seasoning in the dryer! (with a dirty shirt of course!)
Here's a good shot of our new cloth diapers! I love them!!
He also likes to help load the dishwasher, scrub the floors, and scrub his feet. The rest he likes to undo what I just did... putting toys in the tub, taking clothes out of the drawer, taking toys out of the box, putting food on the floor and whatever else you can imagine a 1 year old LOVING! He is super fun and loves to make messes! It's funny to see how Brady reacts to the messes. Here I thought I was the "grumpy" one trying to keep things organized :)

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