Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So aside from my frustrations (see previous post), Cooper is learning pretty fast! For a few weeks now he's been saying his own version of "what's that?" and I'm pretty sure only Brady and I know what he's saying. Today he looked out our front window and pointed to the tree saying (in his own version) "what's that?" I told him "it's a tree!" and he immediately repeated "tee!" and I said, "yes it's a tree!" and he pointed his little finger back at the tree and said "tee! tee!"

He's also fascinated with lights. Especially our ceiling fan!! He gets super super excited when he walks into the room. He wants to have the lights on all the time and points with excitement! I'm thinking his next word will be "light" or some version of it :)

Since I haven't uploaded in pictures in is a picture of Cooper almost a year ago! Still smiley as ever!

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