Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooper at 18 months

- loves to play! Lately, he's really enjoyed his soccer balls. He will kick that ball nonstop for what seems like an hour.
- he's learning so much! Just when I think what I'm teaching him is not sinking in he surprises me. Yesterday I was showing him the letters A, B and C. I asked him what letter is B. Sure enough he picked it up and handed it to me.
- he knows sign language. Please, thank you, more, and food. He even puts "more please" together.
- he says many words. I am not going to list them all but his most recent one has been "please" and it sounds like "peas". When he says it he's very dramatic and repeats it over and over really fast! I think he has a little lisp type thing going on. He has a hard time saying any words with a B. He sticks his tongue to his teeth and all words that have a B sound like a D. Example: his "ball" sounds like "dall". "binky" is "didi".
- he can stand on one foot...without holding on to anything!
- he's a big climber and is NOT scared of anything.
- he can throw a ball across the room.
- he claps with joy
- phones are the best to play with. he often has a conversation (with himself) and we'll hear him jibber jabber then giggle and jibber jabber some more, and giggle more! Super cute!
- when he gets laughing pretty hard...he throws his head back
- he is super heavy and super solid. Everyone that picks him up comments on how heavy he is.
- he runs. a LOT. Like he never ever stops.
- all but 2 teeth are in!
- he can blow his nose.
- he's a pretty good eater. his favorite foods are hot dogs, pizza, and yogurt. he eats a meal 3 times a day and has snack time 2 times a day.
- he drinks a ton. 4-5 sippy cups of water or juice a day!
- he tells us when he has to go potty or when he wants a diaper change. He HATES to sit on the potty.
- TV has become something that is on often...maybe a little too often. his favorite movie is The Sandlot. He also likes Monsters Inc. Those two are pretty much the only movies he will watch.
- he has a favorite blanket, dog, and of course his binky. All 3 go to bed with him and the blanket goes everywhere (in the house and sometimes to the car).
- he likes to help take care of Crew all the time. He gives wonderful kisses and hugs to his little brother.

Wow, I seriously could go on forever about my wonderful 18 month old. I can't believe it's been that long already! But the more I think about it I can't believe it's only been that long since he's been in our family. He is so kind hearted and loves people. He forgives easy as we try to be decent parents. He is stubborn like his mommy and unconditionally loves like his daddy.

Happy 18 month birthday Coop!!

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