Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Play Group

Our ward has a play group every Tuesday at a nearby park. I was personally asked/invited to go so I thought "why not". I thought Cooper would love to play with other kids and I could socialize a bit.

I arrived at the park and Cooper was behaving GREAT! He held my hand and asked permission to go play. Then...it went downhill. My little boy was behaving like a MONSTER! He'd pick up dirt and let it drizzle between his fingers. Not a few minutes later it turned into throwing it. Then he saw a boy running so he ran after him, went up to say hi, and threw dirt at him. After a serious session of "NOs" he was back to playing again. No more than a minute later he picked up dirt and threw it at another kid - laughing thinking it was funny. This continued for the entire 10 minutes we were there!! Eventually he saw me coming and would run away from me...laughing. I was so so embarrassed. I know he doesn't know better but SERIOUSLY?? I was so upset I loaded him up in the car (screaming of course because who wouldn't have fun in the dirt) and headed home. We all were bathed, had lunch, and then NAP time.

My thoughts:
- we will not be going to play group until he's more behaved.
- research and pray for guidance in disciplining our toddler.
- go to parks without dirt for a while. It is really difficult to clean up when it's in every crease and fold you never knew existed.

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PECK said...

:( I hate hate HATE it when Broden does stuff like that...I get really embarrassed too...and my face turns all red and I just hope people don't think I'm a bad mom or something! Going to parks does get better...If I remember right, at 18 months, Broden didn't play on the toys yet because he didn't really know how...but now when we go to parks he knows how to slide and play on the toys and stuff...it does get better! He still does pick up dirt and wood chips, but he understands if he throws them at someone they wont want to be his friend! haha dont worry about it! It's just that age!