Friday, August 19, 2011

Cooper update...

He's finally behaving better! Woohoo!! All week he has been going through good and bad times on and off. I think a part of this improvement may be the fact that he's understanding more, able to communicate better, and slightly more patient. Here are a few words that he's started saying recently:
no "nah", more, please "peas", all done "ah don", hot dog, juice "uice" - he says plenty more but these are just recent words.

He's also been showing us things:
-grabbing our hands and taking us to what he wants and pointing to what he wants
-continues to sign: more, please, food, thank you
-shakes his head yes or no at the appropriate times. If we ask him "are you all done?" he will shake his head yes or no. And he holds out his arms to the sad with palms up when he's all done.
-grabs himself or says "diaper" when he wants to be changed (I've put him on the potty a few times when he does this and he screams!)

He can be very picky with certain things:
- his sippy has to be in a certain spot on his high chair, stroller, and car seat
- he has to be buckled into the high chair (I have a video of him doing it himself)
- he has to say good night, wave bye, and kiss everyone in the house before going to bed
- if there's something on the floor that he knows shouldn't be there (crumb, string...) he will pick it up and hand it to me.
* there's more that I can't think of but my mom calls it "OCD" haha :) Things just have to be done a certain way or he gets very upset.

He's really starting to communicate better with us and it really has helped with the outrageous tantrums he's been throwing. He gets so frustrated and upset - he will go to any hard surface and bang his head against it. It's pretty ridiculous. During these tantrums I found if I get down at his level, be patient and ask him to show me what he wants he will get up and show me. It just takes him a minute (or two+) to figure it out. It's super difficult to be patient when he's screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing himself around the floor...but it's a work in progress!

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