Monday, August 15, 2011

Crew at 3 weeks...

- sleeps a lot. He is starting to wake up a little more between feedings.
- nurses for the most part. Takes a bottle without difficulty when used.
- loves to be warm. VERY WARM. he sleeps in pajamas and is swaddled with a fleece wrap. he wiggles and seems restless until we put another blanket on him. It's crazy!
- he hates baths still. and really hates having his diaper changed.
- takes getting beat up by Coop pretty well!
- the hair on his head is thinning out. :( We hope he doesn't go completely bald like Cooper did.
- he smiles a lot!
- he's a mommy's boy :) All I have to do is hold him close for him to stop crying. It's not so easy for daddy.
- he is so hard to burp
- he cries when we put him in the car seat
- has rolled over 2 times from belly to back
- likes to have his feet rubbed. it calms him down most of the time

Crew is such a different baby than Cooper. He is more "needy" than Cooper ever was and we are getting used to it. He is a big snuggler and we love having him in our home! I can't believe it's been close to a month already. It seems as though he's been here forever!

We love you littlest man!

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