Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catch Up: Disney Part 1

Brady had a class for work that was in Orlando, Florida back in December 2012.  With a lot of work and planning the boys and I were able to join and make it a week long family vacation (our very first one EVER!)!!!  When we were discussing how we were sad that we weren't going to see family as our vacation we thought we'd mention this trip to my dad.  He excitedly accepted the invitation and flew down for the week to be with our family.

The flight there wasn't too bad (I say that now having little memory of the flight there).  I know it was rough...what couple hour flight isn't rough with two children under 3??

Our first day there we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the afternoon.  It was cloudy and rained a bit but it ended up being so much fun!! The animals were out enjoying the cooler weather and the boys behaved very well.

The boys checking out the view from our balcony.
 walking in to the park (LOVED our stroller!)
 The boys were very interested in everything around them.
 on the safari...the best part!
 we saw lots of's a hippo

 these baby elephants were rolling around playing
 the mommy is cooling off
 Cooper had a BLAST seeing the animals
 trying to see the hippo
 we watched the bug movie in 3D that is in the tree.  Cooper thought it was awesome until the scary guy came out.
 after wearing our bug eyes
 this boy was an angel through our entire trip

 after riding our first ride!
 Cooper LOVED everything about Animal Kingdom
 They were exhausted after the few hours at the park.

Overall, Animal Kingdom was top on our favorite parks!! We wish we had more time to go again.  The boys loved everything about it!! And this mama loved seeing the excitement in their eyes.

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