Sunday, April 28, 2013


We had a wonderful first Christmas in our new home!  We bought a new fake tree that I absolutely LOVE!  Cooper really caught on to Santa this year and that made it so much more fun.  We had Reed and Laura spending the holiday here, which was a lot of fun!

Christmas Eve with hot chocolate and watching The Polar Express

 our elf, Jasper, brought a box from the North Pole with lots of goodies including new PJs, slippers, a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate!

 Matching PJs on Christmas Eve

 Santa came!

 and the best present was most definitely the train set and table! The massive table was originally supposed to be upstairs in a play room...however, it is played with every single day all day long!! So it's still in the main living room.

We had an amazing Christmas!! We were all spoiled!!  We are grateful I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Christmas day.  I was originally scheduled but for some reason my scheduled changed last minute! Yay!!

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