Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catch Up: Disney Part 4

After Brady's class was officially over we had a few days left to enjoy the parks.  One of the days we went to Magic Kingdom!

Riding the bus to the park
 SO grateful for my Dad's and Traci's help!  I know we would've struggled more without them!
 We're here!!

 they were very overwhelmed with the craziness of the parks.

 we watched the big parade.
 Cooper LOVED seeing all his disney "friends" and Crew was mesmerized. 
 we did the fast hopper pass the entire day!  It was awesome...the day was planned (somewhat) and we always had somewhere to go without a terribly long wait.
 Crew didn't have much facial expression through most of the day.  He just stared at all the colors, lights , music and people
 again..the stare haha
 Cooper LOVED flying in the elephants
 At the park were many characters to visit.  We passed Woody because he had a very long line.  We didn't think Cooper would even like to actually meet these characters.  However, he saw Buzz and REALLY wanted to meet him.  After a very long wait we were very grateful we made his dream come true.

Look at that adorable, cheesy grin!
 and he randomly gave him a hug.  He says he "loves" buzz.  Seriously, this boy was in heaven that day.
We did so much this day.  The boys were so exhausted at the end.  Brady and I were thankful Dad and Traci took the boys for a few "bigger kid" rides - it was heaven for us!  I have to say I think Cooper's favorite ride was the Peter Pan ride.  He had never seen the movie before but absolutely loved the fact that he was in a boat flying through the air.  He loved it so much we went on it twice (there was no line and it was the shortest ride of the day).  When we go back, if we go back, we will definitely take at least two full days at this park.  We didn't even make it through half the park that day!  There's so much to do and see!!

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