Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catch Up: Disney Part 5

Our last and favorite park was Sea World!!

Crew fell asleep on the way there...poor guy was exhausted!
 Beautiful dolphins
 our boys love animals

 these barracuda (I think) zoned in on Cooper the whole time he was watching them.  It was creepy!

 the amazing shamu show!!! It was the BEST part of the entire trip!!! We have an awesome video of Cooper's excitement during this show.  I'll work super hard to get it posted soon.

 these guys were pretty cool too.  They were doing flips and jumping incredibly high on strange bouncy shoes.
 the boys loved the whales swimming up close

 beautiful flowers

 I'd say this was Crew's favorite part.  He absolutely loved the sea lions and still loves them in his books!

This park was by far our favorite.  The boys loved every second of it.  The bonus to this park too was that we purchased a meal pass...meaning we could eat at any food place (per their guidelines), as much as we wanted, whenever we wanted.  We had every meal and more at this place.  We never ran out of snacks or drinks which was amazing with the boys.  This day was also the last day for my Dad and Traci.  Their flight left that evening so they had to leave straight from the park to the airport, which left Brady and I alone with the boys for the first time in Florida.  It was strange and we realized how much Dad and Traci helped us!!! But we still had so much fun and have so many wonderful memories.  A few I haven't mentioned:
- I lost my wallet for 3 days.  It was at the Walmart near the hotel.
- We lost Crew's shoes!  Traci bought him new ones :)
- My eczema cleared up within 24 hours of being in Florida
- We left Crew's binky in the rental car at the airport before headed home.  Brady went back to get it and had everyone searching for our only binky.
- Brady and I went on a dessert date to Chili's, which was so nice.
- My Dad is an awesome cook.
- I miss having Disney Junior for the boys to watch.
- I'm so incredibly grateful for a husband who stays calm when I'm freaking out! He truly is my better half and is the best daddy to our boys!

We left Florida that next day.  The first flight home was horrible.  The boys cried and were very restless the entire flight.  They then both had a HUGE tantrum when we were boarding the next flight, which ended in both of the boys passing out!!! It was a huge blessing since we were feeling very stressed and exhausted.  We had also planned to go to a hotel that night (our flight landed at like midnight).  Instead, we grabbed some food and headed home!! There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a fun, exhausting vacation!!

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