Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brady's Nose Surgery

Brady had nose surgery last week :( He was having problems breathing and went and saw a doctor that I looked up in the phone book. He had used a camera to show him what the problem was. He had a deviated septum...meaning his cartilage was broken. He then found out from a co-worker that this particular doctor is not honest in his work. So Brady looked him up and found some outrageous information on him and we decided to find another doctor. This new doctor Brady was told to by the same co-worker that told him about the other doctor and we LOVE him! He did tell Brady the same diagnosis and did the surgery a few weeks later. This doctor is so nice! He studied at Michigan and then came here...he even knows a family friend! Weird huh? He also answered some of my questions dealing with my thyroid disease when I didn't even have an appointment with him. Not very many doctors will do that. Anyways...back to Brady. Even though his surgery went well...he had the most miserable week of his life! He was stuffy with all kinds of fluids in his nose, major pressure in his head, and he had a terrible headache. He wasn't allowed to blow his nose or do anything that would help him feel better. I felt so bad for him. Then yesterday was his one week check up and they were to remove his plastic things in his nose. Now Brady was so freaked out about this appointment. The plastic things were STAPLED through the middle of his nose! He kept saying "They better numb my nose before they do anything." haha poor guy! But things turned out better than he thought...they just snipped the staple and then pulled out a tube that we think is about 4 inches long!!!! We couldn't believe it! We tried to figure out how far into his head they would've been. But after the tubes were out he felt so much better! He just kept smiling and laughing because he felt amazing!! So now he has another check up in five weeks just to make sure everything is still fine. He's able to breathe so much better and he can't wait to get out on the soccer field!!!

Sorry I don't have any pictures...he didn't look any different after the surgery.


Chelsea and Nate said...

That's no fun! I'm glad he is doing better least it's over with now.

Nathan & Rachael said...

Poor Guy! I'm sorry to hear about that Brady. It's no fun at all! But at least he's doing better now...I hope. We sure miss you guys! I'm jealous. I wish I was there to see Rexburg in the favorite! Hope you guys are doing great. We love and miss yoU!

Bree said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about Brady's surgery, but sounds like it was needed and it's going well. How's work? Did you find out about nursing yet? Hope everything is great!