Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 21st birthday!! It was one of the best birthdays I could ask for! Brady surprised me and took half the day off of work so we could spend some time together :) We went to Olive Garden for lunch, went to the mall to purchase a book for Brady (he's been waiting a long time for this book!!) and went to the driving range to use my birthday present!! The cool part about going to the driving range was that I spotted two LARGE moose crossing a river! The sad part is that Brady broke his driver :( I felt so bad for was his favorite.

The moose! You can see the part of the bridge we were driving on! They were that close!!

It was HOT yesterday! But we still had fun!

After a great afternoon, I had to go to class and Brady went to soccer practice. Class was very eventful! We were measuring our oxygen intake and output and a student seizured during his own test. It was pretty scary but he seemed to be doing alright. Then after class we went to dinner at a pizza place here in Rexburg with all of our good friends! I was so happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with them! It doesn't happen very often that we can all get together at one time! So I was shocked that all most everyone was able to come! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy lives to have dinner with us!

All of us at dinner!

We have a yummy cupcake place here in Rexburg and I talked Brady into getting me one for my birthday! It was the BEST cupcake EVER!!

Yesterday was a great day and I am so grateful for Brady and the effort he made into making my birthday all about me!


Nathan & Rachael said...

Kels!!! Holy moly so much is going on with everyone. Congrats on the nursing deserve it for how hard you work. you are amazing! And happy b-day sweet girl. I always for some reason thought you were older than that, but we are the same age...haha. Yay for 21 years olds right. And good job on the tag for your hubby! I hope you had a wonderful b-day. Wish we could've been there to celebrate with ya! You looked gorgeous in your b-day pics!

Bree said...

Glad you had such a fun birthday and that the weather was beautiful for it!!! I can't believe you're only 21! :) I love your bangs!!

Travis N Alisha said...

Oh it was soo much fun getting together for your birthday...I'm glad you had a wonderful day! :D

and soon to be three. said...

Fun!! I'm glad you had a great birthday! You deserve it! Are those empty seats at the end of the table ones for us? :)

Derek and Tara said...

Happy Birthday Kelsey! I thought about you all day and meant to call you and then when it was too late I meant to write on your facebook wall and then it ended up being Tuesday and I hadn't done any of it. Happy Belated Birthday!