Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Team!

Brady has been really busy and needs a little bit of recognition! He works full time down in Idaho Falls, plays on the competitive soccer team (with 2 nights of practicing and 1 game day), plays on the ward basketball team, does homework every single day, and spends time with me! He even helps out with the house work when it gets overwhelming! He is such an amazing husband and I appreciate all of his hard work to make our lives a little bit easier.
Here are a few pictures of the ward basketball team! They have gone undefeated this semester and Brady hopes to bring home a t-shirt!!
Here's a few players on the sideline...something must have been funny!
Great pass Brady!
I love this picture of Travis!! I am sure it was a pass to score!
Don't be fooled by Brady! He says he's only a soccer player and isn't very good at any other sport...BUT the other night he scored 8 points! Two 3 pointers and a lay up! Now he doesn't feel so horrible about being on the team and enjoys playing!


Derek and Tara said...

That's my little brother! He is undoubtedly awesome. And his wife isn't too shabby either. Haha! Derek just said a minute ago that he wishes you guys lived closer so we could hang out more.

Bree said...

Looks like you guys are staying plenty BUSY and still having fun!! :) I meant to comment on your last post about your application but I don't think I ever did (did I??) Any news yet? I love how you saw the positive in the situation to know you're still being considered! That's so great!! I saw on Facebook that it's your bday tomorrow--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it's wonderful! :)

Travis N Alisha said...

Lol it is fun watching them...I'm glad you got pics cuz my cell phone didn't get very good close up ones...thanks so much!!