Monday, May 24, 2010

10 things I enjoy most-not including Cooper

I have really enjoyed:
1. Long, warm showers
2. Dinner just Brady and I
3. sunshine
4. Nap time
5. new/fresh contacts
6. When I hear Brady pull in the driveway
7. smell of clean laundry
8. a full night sleep
9. DVR
10. bedtime

Cooper getting ready for a party
Going for a ride
The joys in life haven't changed much...just a little Cooper added within the mix.

A few new things that he has learned:
- blowing bubbles
- how to get mommy's attention (see video at bottom of post)
- sitting up on his own for a few seconds. He's been trying to do this for awhile now. He's determined!
- grabbing toys and making noise
- everything goes in his mouth...he can gag himself very well. He loves all 4 fingers in his mouth at a time

He's also:
- chewing on everything. Fingers, blankets, toys...
- drooling a lot
- a mommy's boy
- had his first kiss on Sunday!
- loves little kids (at least Makenna). They sat and giggled at each other for about 5 minutes
- he flirts with everyone. A little eye flutter, shoulder shrug, and a big grin melts everyones heart

Life is fun, interesting, and full of spit up!

Video of Cooper trying to get my attention. He even woke Makenna up - you can hear her in the background


Melinda said...

O what a cute little man! I love him, he really has the best little flirty smile.

Amanda Petersen said...

Ha ha...that's awesome! Poor Makenna :)!

Sonja said...

He is so cute!