Monday, June 21, 2010

first time swimming!

My bestie, Alisha, has a little girl who is 18 months. She also babysits a little girl around the same age. The weather has been really sunny and warm so she decided to fill up a kiddie pool for the girls to play in. I thought it would be fun to have Cooper in the sun for a little bit and enjoy some time in the pool. Of course he's too little and didn't splash around and play but he seemed content. He chewed on his fingers the whole time and wiggled his toes. The water was actually really warm and was perfect for him! We only stayed in it for maybe 10 minutes because I got tired holding him and Alisha and I were going out for some girl time without the kids! Thank you Travis for watching Cooper!

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Nathan & Rachael said...

Kels you are so pretty. I love Cooper's little facial expressions. Glad you and Alisha get to have girl time :)