Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rice Cereal

Well, it's official. We tried rice cereal with Cooper. I know he is still really young for it but with his spitting up we need to do something different. The other day I grabbed a spoon and put it up to his mouth and sure enough he went for it! So maybe he's ready after all? He did surprisingly well! At first, he was just spitting it out and even gaged a few times! But after a few tries he got the hang of it and swallowed a few bites. It didn't last long though...he really REALLY did not like it.

Then we tried it again last night. He swallowed a few bites and then started to hate it again. I don't think he likes the taste or something. It's something we'll keep trying. We hope that he gains more weight and doesn't spit up everything he eats.

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Landon&Shauna said...

Ya know with my little brothers we mixed the cereal with apple sauce. After we did that they couldn't get enough. Maybe he needs just a little more taste to it ;)