Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today we were married! Our special day was perfect and just as I imagined it would be. Here is a list of a few highlights of our day:
- The weather was a bit unusual - super sunny, muggy, a major hail storm that delayed the ceremony because family were stuck on the highway, and then sunny again!
- Brady had poison ivy on his feet (between his toes) and was miserable wearing dress shoes
- my dress was beautiful! It took about 10 people and 30+ minutes to pull the train up
- All 4 grandparents were able to be there
- Brady was so handsome! He also danced in front of everybody! I had never seen him dance before
- Dinner was yummy! We had mashed potatoes, ham, macaroni and cheese...the typical Brady and Kelsey food!
- We were married at sundown on a Friday evening. We had twinkling lights everywhere!
- The party was done around 10 and we even helped clean up a bit.
- Brady and his siblings watched Friends while I watched the news (haha not by choice)
- On our wedding video our ring bearer threw the pillow down and yelled "touch down" after we kissed!
Here are a few pictures:
I can't help but think back on the past four years. So many things have happened. A lot of happy moments and a few sad ones. Here is a list of major events that took place:
Honeymoon - June 2006
Temple Sealing/1 Year Anniversary - 6/2/07
Kegan Gage - 6/19/07
First home/moved to Idaho - September 2007
Weird...but I can't think of anything too exciting that happened in 2008! We both were in school.
Kelsey started Nursing School - January 2009
Brady graduated from college - May 2009
Hawaii - December 2009
Cooper Jace - 2/12/10
Kelsey graduated nursing school
Brady accepted job offer in Filer, Idaho - May 2010

Life is full of excitement! It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun! I am anxious for many more years to come and for eternity with my best friend.


Tia Saxton said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute together!!

Ty & Masha said...

Yey for University of Phoenix...and Happy Anniversary. :-)

Amanda Petersen said...

Congrats you guys! What an amazing four years. You guys are such a great couple. So happy for you.

The Mele's said...

This is so sweet! I love reading your blog! Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, but I cry every time. :)