Friday, June 25, 2010

Tub Time

Cooper always loves his bath time. I try to give him one every day (due to spit up and chewing on his fingers). He always splashes, kicks, and giggles. He also toots often creating fun bubbles! :) Today was a little different. He went from the fun toots to an unexpected blow out! Now this is from the boy who has firm, solid stools every three days or so. Never did I expect him to poo two days in a row! AND his stools were super loose! It's the one time that I wish he pooed solids. After I hurried him out of the tub, I look down and he was smiling and giggling.

This boy sure knows how to really frustrate me and then make me laugh. It ended up being a fairly easy clean up and I scrubbed our tub (which I planned to do soon anyway).

On a lighter note: he is eating baby food for one meal a day now! He has had sweet potatoes the last two days and ate the entire jar! He giggles and smiles through most of the feeding unless I am not fast enough. He wants to be independent and likes to try and feed himself. He'll grab my hand with both his hands and my arm with both his feet...then try and shove the spoon in his mouth! It's super cute.

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Amanda Petersen said...

Ha Ha! I love it! Liam has pooped in the tub TWICE. He still has loose bowels so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.