Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Life as a stay at home mom is starting to get to me! It's a love/hate situation. I'm starting to get grumpy and a little depressed. I take care of the two men in my life, clean the house, and try to study to become an official RN. Where is the play time?? So to try and make myself feel a little better I have been doing a few things...
1. blog surf! I can't seem to get enough of the craft blogs that are out there! Even though I can't be crafty at the moment I still dream about it.
2. Cook! I've been trying a lot of different recipes that I have around and on the internet. I am using a lot of boiled/pulled chicken lately.
3. Going for walks and drives. We have been driving around trying to find the perfect land to build a home on and to check out the area. The neighborhood we absolutely love is walking distance from the canyon. There is a really nice walking path along the edge so we thought we'd check it out. It was such a beautiful night. The weather was perfect and the sunset was amazing. Down in the canyon are 2 golf courses and everything looked fake. On our walk we passed a restaurant that overlooked the canyon. I need to convince Brady to take me there sometime.
4. Spend time with Brady playing games or relaxing.
Well, that's about all! haha It's not much but it's a start. It is so difficult to take the time for myself when there's so much to do. We are trying to have fun this summer and enjoy our little family!

Here are a few pictures...

Cooper playing with Daddy. I love the way he looks at him. I think they will be best friends!
I think this picture is funny!

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Sara said...

I feel your pain I have always worked part time or gone to school so that I can have some adult time, this summer I am home constantly and I am going NUTS!!!! Good luck to you on the RN exam!