Friday, July 23, 2010


Cooper finally slept through the night after a few rough ones! He was actually extremely exhausted. I was in town during his afternoon nap so he missed it. Then he only took a 30 minute nap later that afternoon (he had a screaming episode-he cried in bed for about an hour after he woke up). He was then up until 8:45 when he fell asleep on Brady. Brady put him to bed (I was studying and completely unaware of what was going on) and he slept until 5:50 this morning, ate, then went to sleep until 8:30! I fed him before we went to bed and gave him some tylenol in case he was to wake up he wouldn't be in pain.

I have seen this video on other people's blogs and on facebook and never took the time to watch it. This video makes me feel better about all the late nights and early mornings, the crying, the screaming, and the vomit that happens every day.

Here is a picture of how he usually is...full belly and pain free!
Just for fun: Cooper's thighs are getting bigger!!!


PECK said...

Thanks for posting that video. Videos like that and blogs like what I posted on your post before this one always make me think about what really matters. I'm always grateful for those reminders.

Also, Cooper is adorable as usual.

Tara said...

oh yeah, his thighs are starting to get real nice.