Monday, July 5, 2010


This last friday my poor Missy was hit by a car. She absolutely loves to be outside and whenever she got out the front she would wander wherever she wanted. Since she did this we never let her out the front door but let her out in the fenced in back yard. Well, she got out the front door and we didn't know it. Brady and Travis were headed to Twin Falls and saw something in the road. Brady thought "someone's cat must have just been hit." But then soon realized that it was Missy. Of course I was hysterical and was super upset. Thankfully, Travis and Alisha were here to keep us occupied. Travis was super helpful and took care of Missy for us. I wanted to bury her so we found a nice spot out off a back road. She was buried between two trees by a cow farm! I am sure she would love that nasty smell.

Missy has been with Brady and I for 6 years. She was my baby. I picked her out, potty trained her, played with her, fed her twice a day at the exact same time, slept next to her every single night, and she followed me around the house all day long. For 6 years (with the occasional vacation without her) she was at my side. It's been a weird transition the past few days. I go through spurts of happiness and extreme sadness. Throughout the day I go to call for her, or look to me sure I'm not stepping on her. The hardest is going to bed. She would whine to get up onto the bed and then snuggle right into me.

Overall, it has been the second worst day of my life and a difficult time for me. I miss her more than I have ever imagined.

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