Monday, November 22, 2010

all in a months work

Cooper has recently been eating like a champ! He will sit and eat 3+ containers of food...of the BIG containers of food. He LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat! When I try to give him "people" food it takes him forever to eat because he doesn't get full. We always know when he isn't feeling well because he'll only eat maybe 3 containers a day total. Anyway...his belly is getting big and he is feeling much heavier. I wanted to see how much he weighed. So I stepped on the scale to see how much I weighed, then I was going to pick him up and do the math. To my surprise I have lost 10 pounds!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I knew I was losing weight because my pants are looser - but I have a hard time losing inches in that area so I just assumed my pants were stretching out.

Now aren't you curious how I lost all that weight in one month?? My job! I am always on my feet. And by always - I mean 8+ hours STRAIGHT. I still am running behind schedule, which means I don't sit down until I am done on the floor. The other nurses that see me working joke around about how fast I can walk. The other night I was even asked if everything was okay because I was walking so slow (it happened to be the one night I was ahead of schedule). Some of my aids have even told me that they consider working as their cardio workout. Agreed! So the only times I sit are when I chart...after I'm off the floor. Also, I don't eat lunch or anything at all during that time. I have no time to get my work done and eat. Eventually I will be better at organizing my time and I will have that half hour to chill. But until then...I guess I will keeping losing the pounds!

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