Thursday, November 18, 2010

October and November

I haven't posted any pictures because my Mac charger still isn't working and the Dell is kind of slow. But I have some "me" time while Cooper is sleeping...and some relaxation time after I am home after post some pictures. I hope you like them!
Cooper is not even the tiniest bit afraid of the water! He would dive in head first if we let him.
playing before bed
he tends to dive head first into his spoon full of food!
playing with all his toys.
he LOVES paper and tore up Dad's soccer magazine within minutes
new favorite thing...looking out the window and grabbing the blinds
naked baby!
crazy hair. You can kind of see the weight he's been gaining!
bath time - enough said
Happy Halloween!
he hates things on his head. He screams.
he thought the fridge was pretty cool and climbed right in!
Look Mom!!
Happy Birthday to me!
first pumpkin
all of our pumpkins. C for Cooper, big one's mine, the owl's is Brady's, K for Kegan.
I woke up to this on my birthday :) All my favorite candy! And the card was super sweet with a gift card for a facial, money for whatever I wanted at the spa, and a picture of my cricut that we purchased later that day!
it takes two people to change this little boy's diaper. Sometimes even the two of us struggle together to hold him still long enough to get anything done. BUT give him a bottle and we can do whatever until the milk is gone. Seriously one of the most frustrating things as a parent.
Go Michigan!
Cooper waving at us!


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Amanda Petersen said...

I love both of those videos! Too cute! I wish we lived closer and could do a play date....Liam and Cooper would have such a blast chasing each other around I think. Love it!