Monday, November 22, 2010

'Tis the Season

It's Thanksgiving time!! I can't wait to see family and have all the kiddos together. Cooper will finally be able to play with them! But aside from the celebration part here are a few things that I am grateful for in my life:

- our home. it's not perfect. it's not ours. but it keeps us safe and warm. a place to go home to. and along with our home - our stuff in it!
- family. especially my boys. all 3 of them! how lucky am i to have such handsome men in my life. i know i will be taken good care of when i get old.
- our jobs. even though i hate having to work i am grateful for my job. our house is warm, bills are paid, we have plenty of food, clean clothes, and even a little extra to go out on dates, or buy plane tickets to MICHIGAN!
- vehicles. we have 3 that run. nothing fancy, just perfect for our needs.
- brady. he gets me through each and every day. i don't handle stress all! my heart starts acting up and my body starts hurting. i start to shake and can't control the tremors. i have a problem with stress and always have. but just a simple phone call or text from brady calms me down and helps me relax. since i've started working, i often find a little note on my windshield. and just this weekend i found a picture of cooper in my front seat. how thoughtful and sweet of him! he lets me sleep in when i didn't get home until after midnight that morning. cleans the house while i've been gone. he even puts the clothes away!! he tells me i'm beautiful every day. his kisses make my knees weak. his hugs make me feel safe and loved. he's so gentle and kind to everyone. he loves his family and hates being away from them. he loves me more than i ever imagined my husband would!

what are you grateful for??

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The Mele's said...

Such a sweet hubby! That's awesome that he helps you out so much.

You're such an awesome mom!