Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Work is hard. Just when I feel like I am getting the hang of things everything goes down hill. I forget little things when I'm at work and then remember them when I get home or the next day. These little things can turn into big things and it stresses me out. I hate letting people down and not doing my compete job. I've talked to many other nurses there and they all say the same thing...you're still learning! Oh how I hate that I am still learning and not that perfect nurse I dream of being.

Also, I have the cutest most happiest baby in the world!!! I love him SO much and he's the best little boy.
-A few posts ago I mentioned how he doesn't want baby food anymore. Well, he would still eat it but preferred other food. After Thanksgiving he has decided to NOT want to eat baby food or even a bottle. His bottle he'll only drink a few ounces and push it away. Food...he pushes away. BUT he has had shredded chicken, waffles, toast, grilled cheese, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, french fries (just 3 little pieces), ice cream (screamed when we wouldn't give him more), frozen vegetables and more things I can't think of. He doesn't like fresh fruit. His face goes sour and then spits it out. He says mama and dada all the time!
-He started to crawl using his feet and hands and not on his knees or belly.
-He's more interested in the plug to the Christmas lights than the tree itself!
-his top right tooth finally popped through
-His body is all bruised from the falls he's been taking. His most recent is right in the middle of his forehead!
-He weighs 19.7 pounds, 27 inches long. His head is small but the doctor says it's growing consistantly so nothing to worry.
-He's wearing 12 month clothes now!

So that's the rundown on Mr. Coop. He's loud, happy, smiley! We couldn't ask for a more perfect baby!

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