Monday, November 8, 2010


i really really do miss my little man. i miss being home with home all day and knowing everything that he's doing. now that i've been working a lot i don't get to see as much of the cool things he's doing. but, as his mother i do get to see it just not as often. here's a list of some cool things our active boy is doing:

- opening cupboards. he figured this one out and has done it only a few times. hopefully he doesn't figure it out again any time soon.
- giggles ALL the time!!! brady has told me several times "he is always laughing!" maybe we look funny to him??
- said "dada" for the first and only time. brady was on speaker phone and i always tell cooper to say "hi dada". this time he breathed in real deep and whispered "dada". brady didn't even hear it :(
- he has no fear. he'll be standing against the furniture, spin around real fast and throw himself to the ground. he serioulsy pushes off the couch and falls with as much energy as he can. he then gets up and does it again, over and over. if he's on the furniture and we are not holding him...he will throw himself over the edge. i have only had to catch him once half way off the bed. he doesn't get very many chances to do anything that courageous.
- still has a ton of energy. brady and i will be on the floor playing with him. he crawls over to brady, stands up against him, does his spin move and throws himself to the floor. then he crawls over to me and does the same thing. once again, he does this like 5 minutes straight before he gets onto something else. oh and don't forget the giggles. he's laughing and squealing the whole time!
- he absolutely loves bath time. remember the whole "no fear" he has going on? i turned the water to the tub on. as usual cooper comes crawling in as fast as he can, naked, ready to get in the tub. i turned my back for a second and the next thing i see is cooper balancing (on his tummy) on the edge of the tub trying to reach the running water. the funniest part was his little legs weren't touching the ground but they were kicking trying to get a little farther. and to add to it he was giggling as usual :) i would've grabbed the camera but you can imagine what my reaction was!
- he loves, loves, loves hair. he will crawl up to me giggling and i think he wants to play. when he gets to me and stands up the first thing he does is reach for my hair and yank on it as hard as he can. and not just the top's almost always the bottom little hairs at the back of your neck. OUCH! he does this to brady too but he will grab whatever he can. surprisingly, my hair is grabbed WAY more than my glasses.
- his new favorite spot is the window. unfortunately we have 3.5 windows total in our whole place. the one in the living room is low enough for him to look out.

well, that's all for now. he's napping and i'm so ready for a nap. i have a meeting i have to go to for work...mandatory if i want to get paid. blah.

oh and pictures will come sometime soon. promise. i am going to go buy a new computer cord today.

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Rudi said...

WOW! I can't believe all the things that Cooper can do already! That's crazy! lol, I can't wait to see him again and play with him. Lila's still very calm. She's starting to get up on her hands and knees a little bit so I think crawling will come within the next month... she just has so much weight to haul around, I think it's slowing her down, lol. It will be so fun to see our babies playing together in January!