Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 weeks 1 day

When we were in Michigan I knew I had a sinus infection. The green snot, constant drainage, pain in my head. Monday I went to work and was going to try and see a doctor that afternoon. Since our facility has an outbreak of influenza if anyone has a fever they are automatically sent home. Of course I had a fever and was sent home around noon. I tried to see a doctor and no one was available. EVERYONE is sick around here. Anyway, so I was thankful I got to go see my doctor today and even did my monthly check up at the same time (I was schedule for one on Thursday). Of course they couldn't find the heart beat. I started to panic a little and she sent me straight into ultrasound. Thankfully the baby's heart beat is strong and doing well! Here are the 3 pictures I got today. And our next appointment we find out if it's a boy or girl!!!
So you may be wondering "what did you do with Cooper during this appointment?" Thankfully, I had a wonderful nurse who was willing to watch him for a few minutes. She asked if it was alright to take him and walk around the office. I said of course! During my appointment I could hear him giggle and then a bunch of ladies laugh. I knew they were having fun! When I was done all the ladies were telling me how awesome he is and how great his personality is. It's always a good day when people comment on how cool your child is!

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