Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on pregnancy

I am miserably nauseous. 24/7. I even wake up in the middle of the night because I'm so nauseated. When I get too warm I start gagging...that's a big problem at work when the residents crank their heat up. I'm not eating like I should be. Food just isn't good and neither is water. I called my doctor and got some Zofran. I haven't had it yet but I know it'll be amazing! I'm already waking up at least once throughout the night to pee and sometimes even twice! I'm a belly sleeper and it's already uncomfortable sleeping on my tummy...there's a little pressure/lump that I can feel! I am super hormonal. I cry over the stupidest things and get angry over something so dumb. I am more stubborn than usual and argue over everything that I feel is right! Poor Brady :(

On the upside! I can't wait to have this baby! We are so excited and ready for another baby! My clothes are a little tighter around the waste line, which I'm sure I will pop out soon. We already have names picked out but we decided we're not going to tell anyone. You may think it's lame but at least something will be a surprise!

A cute little side note: Cooper is supposed to be napping but instead he's in his room jibber jabbering! I hear "dada" and "mama" occasionally and it's usually in a deep raspy voice! Super Cute!


Kevin & Maryann ZELLER said...

oh come on kels give us a clue, we just want to know please. What will her name be......

Kevin & Maryann ZELLER said...

oh yeah are you doing another baby blog?