Thursday, February 10, 2011


There have been several families that have lost a child lately. A few I call friends and then others who used to be in our ward in Rexburg. So many sad stories and heart broken parents. I can't help but think of Kegan and how I personally felt. It's been over 3 years and it still isn't any easier to hear of someone else going through the loss of a child. My heart aches for them and for us. As I was "checking up" on a family that lost their only child last summer I saw a comment someone had made. It included a quote that I liked and wanted to share:

"One way to have a piece of Heaven in your home is to have someone in your home in Heaven."

Before we lost Kegan, I didn't know of anyone who had gone through anything similar. All my friends weren't at that point in their life to start having children. Now that our friends are married couples starting to have families, more and more stories keep showing up. I am grateful for the strength and faith these young families show me. I often talk to Brady about their stories and how I wish I was stronger at that time. I often think "why didn't we do that" or "I wish we would've done that with Kegan." But he reassures me every time...we did what we could and what we felt was right. Days like today I wish I could squeeze his little body and kiss his squishy cheeks.


Rudi said...

You know, knowing what I know now that I'm a mom... I wish that I would've done more for you guys when it happened. I was thinking about that the other day, but like you said, we were so young. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you. I wish I would've done more to take care of you and talk to you about everything. Even now if you want to talk about it, please call and we can talk about Kegan. I love you Kels!

Katie Petersen said...

We love you Kelsey! I'm sure Zach and Kegan are having a great time together. You are right though. It still hurts and while the day to day gets easier, thinking about others going through this trial and thinking about our sweet boys never gets easier! What a great reunion it will be when we are together again with our boys!

Anonymous said...

I very much remember that summer when I heard the news of Kegan's passing.

I remember how sad I was but how strong you and Brady were at that difficult time in your life.

You two are amazing people and even though we don't talk anymore I'll never forget your amazing example in such a challenging time.

jen said...

I just happened across your blog. And saw your lovely post about your son. I am sorry for your loss and your suffering.

Every time we meet or hear about another on of "us" I just feel a bond. We're in a club that nobody wants to belong to- we know, we understand to the depths that nobody else does about each others pain- loss. I lost my son and daughter in an accident in 2006, that longing is always there for me too.