Thursday, February 3, 2011


I hate doing dishes. Any other "house chore" I can handle and will do without any complaints. However...I grunt, whine, procrastinate, sometimes even cry when it comes to doing the dishes. The food bits, smells, and feeling of doing dishes grosses me out! When we moved to our duplex we planned on buying a home not too long after our lease was up so 6 months or so without a dishwasher seemed "doable". However, our townhome still has NOT sold... which leaves us where we are at...without a dishwasher. GRR!!

Since we've been here in our duplex there is a list of things we took for granted in our townhome:
- dishwasher
- big bathroom...1 1/2 bathrooms
- dining area
- sunlight through windows
- garage (we have a garage but not an electric door)
- big rooms (we can't even fit our dresser in our room)
- cupboard space (we are using a book shelf to hold food)

However, there are a few things we like about this place:
- big living room
- fenced in back yard...big back yard!
- laundry room
- quiet neighbors/retired chief of police that often has cop cars in our driveway! Talk about feeling safe :)
- big driveway. We can probably fit 5 cars on our side of the driveway!
- our church building is less than a 2 minute walk from us
- central air conditioning
- and it keeps us warm and safe!

Well, all in all I am grateful for our place. It's warm, cozy, and a place to call home. It's definitely different than any other place that we've lived in but it works for now. I just hate having to wash dishes!

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PECK said...

We don't have a dishwasher right now either :( I totally know what you mean, there is nothing grosser to me than Nate's tupperware that he took lunch in and brought home just empty and caked with food stuff...I usually have him do the dishes. But what we do is, RIGHT after we eat we at least rinse all the food off the plates and put them in one of the sinks...then at least when you come back to clean them, the food isn't caked on and it's just a empty plate to wash...hahaha but I feel for ya :) and I'm sorry your so nauseous. Along with zofran, Phenergan really helps me too...