Sunday, September 5, 2010


ALMOST!! Cooper is super energetic. He is almost always moving, kicking, playing, jumping, spinning in circles, throwing name it. He's on the move constantly, so it doesn't surprise me that he's close to crawling. The last few days he's been working hard to get his knees under him and move forward, but today he's figured out how to move forward without being on all fours. He kind of looks like an inch-worm (getting his knees under and then throwing himself forward). It's hard to explain but the boy is purposefully moving forward!

On his knees reaching for his toy.
He got his toy and is now doing his famous push up!
Looking cute after a nap

Some other fun facts:
- he laughs when he hits his spoon on the tray. It's adorable!
- he gets excited when he hears the water running for a bath. His whole body shakes when he gets excited!
- LOVES to eat! "MMMM" is what we hear the entire time.
- still hates to get's annoying.
- He's a mama's boy!! I can't leave the room without him screaming.
- Everywhere we go people comment on how happy he is! He smiles and flirts with everyone.
- Poor little guy gets a lot of attention because of his ears :( Seriously people...don't say he looks like an elf. It's just rude.
- his newest thing is to scrunch up his face and breathe in and out fast through his nose. It's something that I can say he got from me!!! He will even copy Brady and I when we do it.
More exciting news in our little family. We have our townhome in Rexburg for sale or rent. Our renters will be out by the end of this month and so we are desperate for something to come along. If we had to pay the mortgage on top of everything else right now...we would loose our savings pretty quick. So we put our place on the market and ended up getting an interested buyer in the first week. We negotiated a price and they WANT TO BUY IT!!!! We are SOOOOO happy and extremely blessed. There have been places on the market for months and months. We just pray that things will continue to go smoothly.

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Tara said...

way to go Coop! that little inching just might be his crawl for a while. eva army crawled/inched for months and then only did the actual crawling for a little bit before she began to walk. it's fun to read all the cute things he's doing. congrats on the townhome sale!