Tuesday, September 14, 2010


...is my new word of the week. We've had many unexpected events. Be prepared for a big bummer.

- Car needed to be worked on. $550 dollars for tires, new alignment, and other things I can't remember. Some things were still under warranty (thankfully)
- Our town home buyers backed out and our renters are moving out at the end of the month. No one has shown interest in renting or buying. We dropped our price to as low as we can go. Please pray that we sell or rent this thing out.
- I am job hunting :( I hate it. The idea of leaving Cooper with a babysitter is heart breaking. But if we don't sell or rent out our town home...so long savings.
- Both of our cars need oil changes...perfect timing right?
- I lost a reimbursement check. Oh Joy!! Still haven't heard from the bank if they will cancel the old one and send a new one.
- Cooper started this weird thing when he eats. He'll swallow a bunch of air and then not want to eat. I bet it doesn't feel very good. I'm not sure what to do about it so I am going to call the pediatrician and see what he thinks.

So enough of the bad...here is some good!

- Cooper is army crawling with the occasional real crawl! He's all over the place and getting into things...like the outlets. He goes to the furniture and tries to stand up. Only a matter of time until he's pulling himself to stand up.
- The weather is cooler. It's wonderful to have the windows open.
- I am enjoying my new calling. I'm the young women's secretary. It's nice to have interaction with people at church. We are going on a temple trip tomorrow! Can't wait!!
- I have my temporary license as a RN..NCLEX is coming up fast.

so there ya have it. Things are crazy but I have to look at the things that are going good. I get too stressed out. I don't deal with stress very well. My heart starts acting up and I get very grumpy. I can feel my blood pressure go up and I get headaches. Seriously...my body does not handle stress. I often wonder how I even made it through the nursing program without having a heart attack.


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