Friday, September 17, 2010

Job Hunting

Earlier in the week I had stopped in every doctor office/medical office I saw. I asked if they were hiring RN's and most of them were not. They kindly offered to take my resume and have it on file. Some office's even plainly told me that they don't hire RN's only LPN's. So that was discouraging. Brady and I also surfed the web and found a few places that were hiring...well, only 2 places. The hospital and a nursing home. The hospital has like 7 job openings that would be perfect for me. But they kindly told me that they usually don't hire new grads and that they have a stack of applications with nurses who have experience but to not give up or get discouraged. The nursing home gave me an application and took my resume. They called me a few days later to schedule an interview for next week!!! It's not the most ideal job but it would give us the income we need at this time and the experience I need for a position I would prefer. If I don't get this job I will continue to search for something...almost anything. I have also applied to several banks that are hiring tellers. With my experience as a teller I hope something will come open.

On a lighter are some cute pictures that were taken in Boise a few weeks ago.

Cooper at the zoo. He was SOO excited!
At Cabela's. He loved this hat and thought it was pretty cool!
Cooper is all over the place and he's much faster than he was 2 days ago! He sees something, starts giggling, and giggles until he gets there. I really enjoy my time home with him. I cry every time I think about leaving him at a day care. He is at a great stage and he makes me laugh all day long...with the usual frustrating moments. He absolutely loves to take naps and go to bed. We put him in his bed, give him his blanket...and he will grab the blanket, pull it up over his face and roll onto his side. We usually don't hear a peep out of him until he wakes up. I think he is the coolest little kid around! Brady and I often talk about how easy it is to be his parents. We couldn't have asked for a better little boy :)

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Maryann ZELLER said...

Good luck Kels, have you thought about hiring someone to come to your home to babysit, might make the transition a little easier on both of you. There may be someone at church older or younger that would be willing to do that for you. Just a thought. Sending lots of love, Kevin and Maryann