Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd day

Work went well. Kind of boring actually but not bad. I had to sit down and feed a patient today. I wanted to run out the door and pick up Cooper. Everything seems a little scattered and unknown. I hope things start to be more organized. oh well.

I picked up Cooper and he was super happy! The ladies told me "he has so much energy!" hahaha this little info I have known but no one ever sees it. I think he gets a little shy around other people. He will seriously crawl/climb/jump/kick non-stop at super high speed until I lay him down in bed. He will sit for a little bit while we read books (one of my favorite times of the day). But even when we're reading he is smacking the pages really hard and trying to flip through all the pages really fast. He doesn't even sit still to eat. He must have a spoon to hang on to while we feed him because he gets distracted and won't eat. Another thing they mentioned..."does he always cry when you change his diaper?" hahaha this too is something I know. He SCREAMS like we are torturing him when we dress him or change his diaper. We used to be able to give him something to play with to hold him still long enough to get it done...but not anymore! I was telling them I have to pin him down with my leg to get him to stay in one spot and they said it took 2 people to change his diaper. I am giggling to myself right now but there are times when I was in tears because I was so frustrated! I am not sure what is going on with him. We've talked about ADD/ADHD but he can calm down and fall asleep perfectly on his own. He does go through phases where he'll sit on our laps peacefully - it may be for a minute or two but it's there. Once he finds a toy that he really likes he'll sit and play with it for a while. So I don't know...we just came to the conclusion that we have a very active little boy! and I mean EXTREMELY active!

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Maryann ZELLER said...

Kels I wouldnt worry at all alex used to scream like we were tourturing him for diaper changes also and cried when we changed his clothes he out grew it. He is just trying to do everything and gets mad when he cant all you listed are totally normal for his age, or at least in my experience with ALL the kids I have been around, raised and watched all normal stuff it will get better though. I remember Alisha used to take he clothes off all the time she hated clothes and was in nothing but a diaper most of the time!