Monday, October 18, 2010

More of Cooper!

I'll start with pictures first in case you're not interested in the update of our 8 month old.

Patiently waiting to be put in the tub. Baby butts are so adorable!
Happy after a nap!
Can you see my tooth?
Rocking in his chair with Teddy
His eyes are brown in the center and green on the outside
Cute hat I found in his closet
standing up against everything and loving the Office
His hair is starting to get a little wave to it
Eating peas and toast

I bet you all are sick of hearing about Cooper. BUT he is the coolest little dude on the planet! AND it's the only time my mom gets to see pictures of him.

Well, he's 8 months old now.
- The day before he turned 8 months (Oct. 11) he decided it was time to start crawling with his knees! It's super adorable and super slow! haha He still does his little inch worm/fish crawl often.
- His 2nd tooth finally popped through!
- He is sick for the first time in his life. It's pretty sad and heart breaking for me. He won't nap, refuses to eat (except in the middle of the night), and is super whiney. I've been able to hold him a LOT this past week.
- He's starting to walk along the furniture and falls a lot! We don't think it'll be too long before he starts walking.
- He started to stand up in his crib. Nap time is challenging, especially with his cold. I have to keep going in and laying him down. He's also throwing his binky across the room...he won't sleep without the silly thing so that's become a problem. There's been a lot of crying and rocking lately. But he always wakes up happy!
- He shows no interest in baby food. I have to shove it in his face in order for him to eat it. I've been giving him peas, toast, fruit, and little graduates food for his age. He LOVES to eat on his own. It just takes FOREVER!
- He's starting to say "ma" when he's crying. Maybe it's the start of saying "mama"? Who knows. There are no signs of talking in the near future.
- We are working on the whole waving thing. I think we're making progress but he waves all the time. We're not sure if he's waving or just playing! haha

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Amanda Petersen said...

This all sounds pretty familiar...although Liam ONLY likes baby food. We're working on textures with him. I wish we could get Cooper and Liam together. They would probably chase each other around and cause all kinds of trouble. Cooper is such a handsome little boy. It's so fun to see how big he's getting!