Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Pictures/Update

Playing with his toys
Helping me fold laundry

Cooper is growing so fast lately. I can't seem to keep up and enjoy all the little changes he's going through!

- his tooth has almost popped through!! Woohoo! We are anxious for the silly thing to finally come in.
- he has figured out the whole "chewing" motion. He likes puffs and bread. I haven't given him anything else to eat other than that. We tried a french fry to keep him from crying today and he didn't like it! That's good because I didn't want to give him fried food :) He still has trouble making the food into his mouth. He tries real hard and it just falls so we usually end up helping him a little.
- he's starting to pull himself up to standing position. the other night we had him stand between the black foot rest thing and the couch. He took a few steps on his own!
- bed time is awesome. He goes down without a peep! Sleeps all night long. Usually 10-11 hours without eating.
- I think his new favorite food is sweet potatoes and corn. He gobbles it up faster than any other food I give him. The ladies at the day care think it's funny he likes vegetables more than fruit. I guess he just spits out the fruit they give him! haha I don't think there's anything he doesn't like. He'll tolerate most foods. Peaches he doesn't usually eat the whole jar but everything else he chows down.
- he's starting to give hugs and kisses! One night he just kept squeezing me tight and coming at me with a wide open mouth! It was really cute. He loves to give his Daddy hugs when he gets home.
- he giggles when we put him on our shoulders. Super cute! I'll be posting a video sometime soon
- he cries when we take things away from him. :(
- still shows no signs of saying "mama" or "dada". We work with him ALL the time to say something similar...but nothing, nada.

I guess that's enough of things about are a few more pictures:

I usually go and check on him once he's quiet because he kicks off the blankets. One day I found him like this!
Learning how to pull himself up on things.
He likes his face buried into whatever he can find. This day was the bumper. I have found him face down in the mattress, blankets over his face, and in the bumper lots of times. We hardly ever see him without something over his face...must but a comfort thing?
New chair from Grandma! He's such a big boy!


Maisarah Muhammad said...

so cute :')

Bree said...

Hi Kelsey! Cooper is sure getting big! He's so dang cute!! Glad to hear you were able to find a job and a great daycare for Cooper! Hope things continue to go well!