Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Care

We finally found a day care for Cooper. It's super difficult trying to find a place where we feel comfortable leaving our child. Everywhere I checked out was dirty, dark, dungy like. I felt awful and couldn't imagine leaving Cooper at any of the places. Then Monday I went and checked out a few more. I FINALLY found a place that was clean, the appropriate number of adult to child ratio, bright colors, windows, high chairs...everything we have at home! It was also the only place Cooper wanted to get down and play (good sign right?). I was so excited and took Brady there later that day. He liked it and so we decided to try them out.

There are a few things that I absolutely LOVE about this place:
- the kids are separated by age group. He is with all the "babies" that are mobile and around his age.
- the play rooms are "no shoes allowed" so the floors are clean
- he has a crib to sleep in that are clean and taken care of.
- there are several ladies there to help with the kids. There is never more than 12 children and at least 2 adults (I've always seen 3 helping out with 6-8 kids). The ratio is one adult to 6 kids and they try to have more adults to that many kids
- the facility is on the way to work for me and 2 stop lights away from Brady's work.
- they give me a paper with the times of every diaper changed, nap times, feeding time and what he ate/amount, and comments about the day so I know what happened.
- they are honest when I call and ask questions. If he's crying they will tell me and let me know that he's not a happy camper.
- they will work with the schedule I have him on and won't do anything that I don't want them to.

Tuesday was our first day. We both had to work at 8 so we dropped him off together. Cooper was excited and Brady and I actually did fine leaving him...I didn't even cry at that point. My first day didn't go as planned so I was able to pick him up around 9. I walked in and he was crying in a crib. One of the ladies were trying to comfort him but nothing was working. They told me that he did wonderful playing with all the kids but when it came down to napping he wasn't happy about it. He even cried most of the way home. I was super discouraged and felt AWFUL about the whole situation. I cried basically the rest of the day. It broke my heart and I couldn't believe what I had done to him that day. Turns out when we got home he slept for about 45 minutes and then ate more than he has in a REALLY long time. He must have been hungry.

Since I won't be starting work until next Tuesday, we decided that this week will be an adjusting week. I am taking him several hours each day to get him used to everything...and help me adjust too. Today was the second day there and he did wonderful! He was excited to get down and play. I called often to check up on him and if he got upset I was going to go and try and calm him down. They said he had breakfast (ate 2 jars of food and 4 oz of formula), played, and went down for a nap. They said he cried for a little while but that's basically because they forgot I had brought a binkie for him! Brady said "I bet they won't ever forget that again." :) I was on my way when they told me they were trying to get him to sleep and when I got there he was out! So I ran around and did a few more errands and they called me when he woke up. When I got there I peeked through the window to see how he was doing. He was smiling and one lady was feeding him some peas. His little legs were kicking and seemed to be doing just fine! I couldn't believe it! My heart ached a little knowing that he is fine without me there. But I was also happy to know that he would be taken care of while I had to work.

I don't want to work. Brady doesn't want me to work. But with so many things happening right now we would struggle financially if I didn't work. This job came at the perfect time, has the perfect hours, and pays very well. We will be able to pay for all of our expenses and put some in savings. It's an answer to our prayers and we are very thankful for how things have fallen into place. I am SO happy that we found a day care center that we feel comfortable with. It is the most expensive place we looked at but it's worth every penny.

So we will continue to take him there. We are always praying that Cooper is taken good care of. I do not like the idea of someone else caring for Coop but it will never be more than 24 hours a week. I try to look at it as a play date with other little kids! Anything to make it a little better right?? :)


Landon&Shauna said...

YAY!!! So glad you found a good place for Cooper.. That is so hard I can only imagine! Sounds like everythings working out so well!!!

Amanda Petersen said...

I'm glad you found a place you like and I'm glad that Cooper's doing so well. Hopefully things will work out and you'll be back home with him soon. I'm glad you found a job though and I wish you luck next week!