Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day at work

Well, the first day is over! Hallelujah! I do not like first days. The anxiety of something new and not knowing what to expect. I think it went really well. Of course it was only orientation...full of paper work, videos, rules and regulations - that sort of thing. Nothing to interesting. I get paid pretty good for just sitting there and listening! I was even dressed comfortably in my scrubs. Tomorrow is another day full of orientation but we won't be sitting there listening. There will be a tour of the place and other things that won't be so relaxed. I found a few things out. I will be working a few evening shifts (2pm - 10pm), which is alright. It's an extra $1.50 more an hour and less time for Cooper to be at daycare. I also will be working every 3rd weekend instead of every other weekend. That is awesome! And of course the many perks of being full-time...paid vacation, sick days, insurance, etc.

Cooper had his first full day at the daycare center. He did good...not great. He only took two naps. The first was only 40 minutes and the second was 45 minutes. They said he was happy after the naps but pretty fussy before (duh). They couldn't believe how happy he was after his naps! haha the boy LOVES his nap time and feeding time! I called to check up on him and I could hear a baby crying (I am 90% sure it was Cooper). The lady said that he was a little fussy and they were getting ready to feed him. But there's nothing worse than calling and hearing your baby cry in the background...even if it could've been someone else's child! I was heart broken and felt so bad. I wasn't able to call again for the rest of the day but when I picked him up he was all smiles and happy! He seemed content and SUPER excited to see me! As soon as he saw me he giggled and wanted me to pick him up. He gave me a great big hug and was bouncing every where. That moment was so precious! I can't seem to get enough of my happy boy!!

Tomorrow is day two...

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